SAIC at 900


On view each day from 10:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.
900 N. Michigan Ave.

SAIC has partnered with the high-end, luxury galleria, 900 North Michigan Shops, to present a gallery of innovative work by students, faculty, and alumni. Located on the 6th floor of the shopping center across from Bloomingdale's, SAIC at 900 features rotating exhibitions of interdisciplinary art and design on the north end of the Magnificent Mile.

New Millennium Workout Routine, Yaloopop (MFA 2014)

In this video installation, the artist Yaloopop, in red innerwear, practices the New Millennium Workout Routine, a health workout developed by the South Korea Sports Promotion Foundation and issued nationwide in 1999. It was intended to contribute to the health of the South Korean public.

“I am a poetic gleaner. I gather and intensify my daily sensory impressions through duplicating, multiplying, bending, and shifting still and moving images in digital space. Re-creating and regenerating the experience of daily life perceived through the senses is an essential part of my artistic practice. It serves as a reminder of life’s endless possibilities. Everyday experience often feels fragmented, uncertain, and ephemeral. Reorganizing and reinterpreting this experience brings relief from this through constant metamorphosis as a poetic being.”

Past SAIC at 900 artists have included:
Jeremiah Jones (MFA 2013)
Ethan Rose (MFA 2013)
SAIC's Fashion Design students
Jessica Fu (MFA 2015) and Tobias Zehntner (MFA 2015)
Programming Sound: Synthesis, featuring Simon JW Briggs, Raychel Brightman, Austen Brown, Nicholas Davis, Jesse H. Laier, Christopher Maves, Daniel Spangler, and Mike Sullivan
Alyssa Moxley (MFA 2014)