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1. What are the requirements for international students who wish to do an internship? You must be authorized for Curricular Practical Training (CPT).
You must be in your 2nd year of full time F1 status, and authorized
        for CPT through International Affairs.
You must have a green card.
2. A Co-op internship is for course credit and you have to pay tuition. True
3. What is the primary focus of the Co-op Program? Real world professional experience
Gaining skills
Monetary compensation
A, B & C
4. After completing this orientation and passing the quiz, the next step is to make an appointment with a Co-op Advisor. True
5. What do you do after you have accepted an internship? Start working on your internship right away
Nothing, your employer will take care of all required paperwork
Register with the Career and Co-op Center, complete the CPT
        Authorization Form and submit to International Affairs five
        business days before you start work and wait for your new CPT
        authorized I-20.
Register with the Career and Co-op Center and start working.
6. When can you begin your internship? As soon as you get the job
After registering with the co-op office
After you have registered, submitted your completed CPT
        Authorization Form to International Affairs, and picked up your
        CPT Authorized I-20.
7. It is important to keep your old I-20s, even after you have received a new one. True
8. It is guaranteed that you will receive an internship offer. True
9. What precautions do you need to take in order to maintain your immigration status, in case you do not receive an internship offer? Register for at least 12 credits, or the total you need to graduate
        BEFORE securing a Co-op internship.
Review your credit requirements with an academic advisor.
Wait until the Co-op add/drop to add another class.
A & B
10. What is the deadline for registering for Co-op? It is one week before the regular add/drop deadline.
It is one week after the regular add/drop deadline.
11. It is possible to register for Co-op after the Co-op Add/drop deadline. True
12. Your Co-op Faculty Advisor is important to your internship and to receiving course credit. True
13. How can you be a great intern? Be professional and take initiative
Keep concerns about your internship to yourself
Wait for tasks to be handed to you and read while you wait.
Do not ask questions when you do not understand a project
14. You have no other requirements other than completing your internship hours to gain course credit. True
15. List the requirements for receiving credit. a.
16. When you go for an interview you should dress your best, and bring interview questions and extra copies of your résumé. True
Put these in the correct order from first step to last step by numbering them from 1-8: Attend a Co-op orientation.
Apply for an internship at a few different companies.
Ensure that I am enrolled in full-time, or for as many credits as I
           need to graduate, for the current semester.
Meet with a Co-op advisor to discuss internship opportunities
           and get leads.
Begin my internship!
Interview for the positions, and receive an offer.
Receive my new CPT Authorized I-20 from International Affairs.
Register for Co-op before the Add/Drop deadline, and submit my
           completed CPT Authorization Form to International Affairs five
           business days before I start my Co-op.