The Federal Perkins Loan Program has ended, but efforts to extend the program continue. We need your help in advocating for continuation of this important program for SAIC students and students around the country. Many students have benefited from the program to help bridge the gap and enable them to attend SAIC.

For more information on expressing your support for extension of the Federal Perkins Loan Program to congress, we are asking that you participate in COHEAO’s (Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations) Virtual Hill Day for Perkins Advocates on February 28, and continue to assert your support through March 13.  

Please click on the COHEAO link below for information on how to make phone calls, send emails, or tweet to your representative or senator. SAIC–specific text for phone call and email communications are available for use by the SAIC community below as well.

Virtual Hill Day 

Email Message for Perkins Advocacy Virtual Hill Day [PDF]
Two example messages that can be edited and copied into an email to send to your Congressional Representative and Senators.

Phone Script for Perkins Advocacy Virtual Hill Day [PDF]
A script that can be used as an outline to call your Congressional Representative and Senators.