Illinois State Grant—Monetary Award Program

Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grants are awarded to Illinois residents attending colleges and universities in Illinois. The award is restricted to tuition and mandatory fees. 

Eligibility: Students who are Illinois residents attending colleges and universities in Illinois are eligible to apply for the MAP Grant by submitting a FAFSA form.

Award amount: Award amounts are determined based upon available state funding as determined by the Illinois General Assembly and date the FAFSA is submitted.

Illinois Incentive for Access 

The Illinois Incentive for Access (IIA) grant assists students who have a limited ability to pay for college.

Eligibility: The IIA Grant is awarded to first-time freshmen students who have a zero expected family contribution, are enrolled at least half time, and who are Illinois residents or for dependent students whose parent(s) are Illinois residents.

Award amount: The IIA grant is a one-time award of $500.