The average financial aid award consists of a student loan, part-time employment through the Federal Work-Study Program, and need-based grants. More than 90 percent of all undergraduate students at SAIC receive some type of aid.

You are not required to accept a loan or job, but each is considered a part of the financial aid required to meet your need. Loans are available through private and government sources. Student loans are available to all eligible applicants who apply for federal assistance. Students who do not qualify for need-based federal student loans may be eligible for other federal loans. Some loans such as a Federal Direct PLUS loan or a Private Educational Loan are credit based, require a credit-worthy borrower and cannot be obtained by everyone that applies for them. 

During the 2013–14 academic year, SAIC awarded more than $31 million in gift aid assistance from its own funds.

Initial Award Packages and Aid Adjustments

Awarded for Standard Enrollment and Adjusted for Actual Enrolled Credit Hours

Your initial award package is calculated based on the number of credit hours in your standard enrollment for your degree or certificate program. This is reflected on your award letter, invoices, and statements of account. You may also check on this information in SAIC Self-Service by:

Inform us if your actual enrolled credit will not be the standard enrollment. In this case, your award must be recalculated.  You should inform the Student Financial Services office by submitting a 2014–15 Aid Adjustment Form as soon as possible if your enrollment will be different. This will ensure more accurate billing statements and may expedite the disbursement process and refund of any credit balances.  

Standard Enrollment Chart for Fall/Spring
Annual Initial Financial Aid Award Packages

15 Credit Hours12 Credit Hours
Bachelor of Fine Arts* Master of Arts/Art Administration and Policy
Bachelor of Interior Architecture* Master of Arts/Teaching 
Bachelor of Arts* Dual Degree: Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History and Master of Arts in Arts Administration and Policy 
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Studio  
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Writing 9 Credit Hours
Master of Science/Historic Preservation Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History
Master of Design in Design Objects Master of Arts in Art Education 
Master of Fine Arts/Writing Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies
Master of Architecture  
Master of Fine Arts  
Master of Interior Architecture 6 Credit Hours
Master of Arts/Art Therapy Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts 

*First-time freshmen’s initial awards are based upon 16.5 credit hours for their first semester

After the add/drop period, financial aid packages are adjusted based upon actual enrollment for the semester. Financial aid will be disbursed to your account once aid has been adjusted, if necessary, and your financial aid file is complete.

Institutional Aid

Institutional need-based grants are awarded to students based solely on demonstrated financial need. Students who are US citizens or permanent residents and who complete the financial aid process are considered for these grants.

Some grants may be renewed for students who continue to meet the criteria of financial need (students must submit a FAFSA each year) and satisfactory academic progress at the SAIC. Typically, students need to be enrolled at least half time to receive aid.

Students who do not receive institutional, need-based aid as they enter SAIC are encouraged to apply for financial aid in subsequent years if they feel their family has experienced a change in financial circumstances.

The Office of Admissions identifies institutional merit-based scholarship recipients upon their entry to the school. Merit scholarships are pro-rated based on actual enrollment and may only be used for the actual number of credit hours need to achieve their degree.

Student Loans

A student may qualify for a several different types of student loans. Please see the Student Loans section of this website for details. 

Student Employment

Student Financial Services offers Federal Work-Study eligibility to students who demonstrate financial need. Institutional employment is available to students who are receiving need-based aid during summer and winter terms. Graduate teaching assistantship positions may be paid regardless of need. Students are recommended not to work more than 20 hours a week so that this commitment does not adversely affect academic performance.

Additional Information on Financial Aid

The Student Financial Services web pages offer information on additional loans and outside scholarship searches.