New Students

Student Financial Services mails award letter packets to all new students who have:

Initial award letter packets are, generally, mailed eight to 10 business days after completion of the above items.

Accepting Your Award

Grants and Scholarships—No action needed. It is assumed that all students who are offered this award desire them.

Federal and Private LoansFollow the loan application instructions at Please note that you only need complete these steps one time only at SAIC for Federal Direct Stafford and Federal Perkins loans at SAIC. You must re-apply each year for Federal Direct PLUS and Private loans.

Continuing Students

Student Financial Services will mail award letters to all eligible continuing students:

Previous borrowers of Federal Direct Stafford Loans and/or Federal Perkins Loans who have been offered one or both of these awards again, as listed on their award letter, do not need to complete any additional steps to have the funds disbursed to their student account. If the student should not want to receive all or any of the loan funds listed on their award letter, a written request to Student Financial Services to have the appropriate award reduced and/or canceled.

Graduate students and parent borrowers of Federal Direct PLUS Loans must submit a new request at for each award year and for each Direct PLUS Loan desired.