Anthony StepterAbbéy OdunlamiDanny OrendorffLaura DavisMarissa Lee BenedictOli RodriguezSarah Mendelsohn and Fred Schmidt-ArenalesTrevor O'Neil

#InsideInnovativeMinds (#IIM) is a new course offered through Continuing Studies Early College Program to high school students in grades 9 through 12. It combines a five-part interactive presentation series with Chicago’s leading art historians, artists, designers, and writers with an instructor-led, hands-on making component. Through a process-based exploration of a wide variety of professional practices, students will shape their definitions of contemporary art and design, explore the difference between cultural production and consumption, and learn what it takes to become a successful creative professional in the 21st century.

Each presentation will address a specific process strategy including research, radical production, reinvention, reflection, and relating. Presenters include the following:

February 9: Marissa Lee Benedict, Jovencio de la Paz, and Oli Rodriguez *
February 16: Danny Orendorff and Anthony Stepter *
March 2: Trevor O’Neil
March 16: Sarah Medelsohn and Fred Schmidt-Arenales *
March 23: Abbéy Odunlami *

*These presentations are scheduled on the SAIC campus and are open to the public.

Students participating in the pilot launch of #IIM attend a variety of Chicago public schools, including Benito Juarez, Lane Tech College Prep, Lincoln Park High School, Lindblom Math and Science Academy, Nicholas Senn High School, and Walter Payton College Prep.

#InsideInnovativeMinds Blog

#InsideInnovativeMinds includes an exclusively photographic blog used as a reflection tool for the class. It follows the students' academic and experiential progress. Photos are chosen collectively after critiquing their meanings and messages. The intent is to create documentation that encapsulates all necessary information within an image not supported by explanatory text so it remains as initially intended and not manipulated or lost if reblogged.