SAIC's ECP Summer Institute is designed to have students focus in one area, allowing in depth exploration of a particular discipline. Experimentation and critical feedback from renowned faculty and peers promote discovery and refinement of skills. As a result, ECP Summer Institute students leave the program with higher confidence and innovative, portfolio-quality work.

"I pushed myself hard because I had to, and over time I wanted to as well."—Elizabeth Erickson, student

Students may choose an area that is new to them, but all students should have experience in visual art and/or design. Students enrolled in an ECP Summer Institute course should be prepared to make an active and intensive commitment to the study of art, design, or writing. Typical ECP Summer Institute students spend most of their time producing work. In addition to all-day classes, students are expected to attend evening lectures and workshops, and complete homework assignments over the weekends. The ECP Summer Institute is first and foremost an intensive academic program for serious high school students.

ECP Summer Institute 2014 At-a-Glance




Housing + meals

Session 1: Two weeks

Monday, June 16—Friday, June 27, 2014; move in Sunday, June 15, move out Saturday, June 28

$2,654—two college credits

Note: Housing and meals are available at an additional cost.

Housing is optional, but the meal plan is required for students that live on campus.

Please check back before registration opens for complete details.

Session 2: Two weeks

Monday, July 7—Friday, July 18, 2014; move in Sunday, July 6, move out Saturday, July 19

$2,654—two college credits

Session 3: Two weeks

Monday, July 21—Friday, August 1, 2014; move in Sunday, July 20, move out Saturday, August 2

$2,654—two college credits

Session 4: Four weeks

Monday, July 7—Friday, August 1, 2014; move in Sunday, July 6, move out Sunday, August 2

$5,308—four college credits

Areas of Study

ECP Summer Institute courses are offered in the following areas of study and reflect SAIC's undergraduate program curriculum.

Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects (AIADO); Art and Technology Studies; Books and Publishing; Ceramics; Comics and the Graphic Novel; Fashion Design; Film, Video, New Media, Animation (FVNMA); Painting and Drawing; Performance; Photography; Sculpture; Visual Communication Design; Writing

For specific ECP Summer Institute course titles and descriptions, visit the Course listings.

College Credit

Students must be at least 15 years of age and not older than 18 years of age and have completed their sophomore year of high school to enroll in the ECP Summer Institute. Upon successful completion of a course, students will receive college credit that is transferrable to other accredited institutions. SAIC’s credit/no-credit grading policy prepares students for life as a creative professional where the highest value is placed on the relationship between idea and execution.

Additional Instructional Support

An SAIC undergraduate or graduate student Teaching Assistant (TA) works with each faculty member. With an average class size of 12-18 students, this allows for a maximum teacher/student ratio of 1:8.

Portfolio Reviews and Undergraduate Admissions

Individual portfolio review sessions are provided to all ECP Summer Institute students during the program to help them assess and evaluate the success of their work. A portfolio preparation seminar is also scheduled in each ECP Summer Institute session. Admissions representatives are available upon request.

Evening Lectures and Workshops

SAIC is committed to interdisciplinary study and awareness that interesting and important innovations in the arts lie beyond current boundaries. With this in mind, ECP Summer Institute evening lectures and workshops are designed to challenge students with new ideas that will take their work in unexpected directions, and provide them with opportunities to explore new processes and materials that may help them realize their vision.