Interwoven into the fabric of vibrant downtown Chicago, SAIC’s campus provides the ideal platform for ECP Summer Institute students to explore new artistic domains. Chicago, home to one of the country's largest concentrations of working artists, is a city of unparalleled architecture, innovative public art, and world-class museums and galleries. SAIC's faculty of practicing artists, designers, scholars, industry influencers, and innovators, connect students with all of its amazing resources.

SAIC and the Art Institute of Chicago

SAIC and the Art Institute of Chicago museum are located in the heart of Chicago, within walking distance to Lake Michigan. In addition to the Art Institute's famous collections of French Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Surrealist work, the museum’s new Modern Wing houses a world-renowned collection of 20th and 21st century art. Students enrolled in the ECP Summer Institute have unlimited access to the museum's collections.

The partnership between SAIC and the Art Institute makes SAIC one of the premier schools of art and design in the world. SAIC, one of the largest accredited independent schools of art and design, has been recognized as an innovator in the arts since its inception in 1866. SAIC provides a comprehensive education in the visual and related arts to foster the conceptual and technical education of the student artists in a highly professional and studio-oriented environment. Critical inquiry and experimentation are encouraged and supported through an interdisciplinary approach to the study of art and design. No single aesthetic or style dominates SAIC. Instead, students are encouraged to explore and experiment with a variety of artistic media and ideas.