Alex Kostiw, Storyteller, 2012, ink, gouache and digital treatments, 12.5" x 9.75"

The Adult Continuing Education program will not be accepting new Illustration Certificate applications. This will not prevent current students from completing the program. Please contact Continuing Studies for more information.

Students will develop and produce illustrated images for print and digital media using a combination of fine art and graphic design processes. Students have the option of building their skills for a wide range of illustration purposes or may choose to focus on one of the following Illustration categories: children’s book illustration, commercial illustration, or sequential Illustration. The Illustration Certificate is designed for adults interested in learning more about the field of illustration, for artists, designers, and working professionals looking to combine illustration with related art and design practices, and for those wishing to build portfolios for application to college-level illustration degree programs.

Prerequisite (1)

Studio Courses (8)

Electives (4)

Total required courses: 13

Reflecting the degree program's interdisciplinary approach to an art and design education, all 30-hour Adult Continuing Education courses are eligible electives.

Completion of the Illustration Certificate requires a portfolio review, submission of a signed Certificate Program Completion Form, and a minimum of three (3) digital images from the student's body of work.

Note: Required courses are not offered all semesters (fall, spring, summer). Please contact the Continuing Studies office for suggestions on organizing your course sequence.

* Artwork: Alex Kostiw, Storyteller, 2012, ink, gouache and digital treatments, 12.5" x 9.75"