Students will explore a variety of drawing approaches and develop their technical and conceptual skills while realizing their own unique personal vision. Students will learn about the history of drawing through art history courses, from works in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago museum, and from exposure to a wide variety of drawing practices emerging today. The Drawing Certificate is designed for adults who are interested in exploring the tools and traditions of drawing while experimenting with new methods and materials. It is also for students interested in developing portfolios for admission to college-level art and design programs and for individuals looking to create drawings for personal enrichment and other professional opportunities.

Requirements include seven studio courses, two art history courses, and three electives. The average length of time required to complete the Drawing Certificate is two years.

Studio Courses (7)

Art History Courses (2) from the following

Electives (3)

Reflecting the degree program's interdisciplinary approach to an art and design education, all Adult Continuing Education courses are eligible electives for all certificate programs.

Note: Drawing Certificate students will be assigned a mentor to guide them through the program.