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Activating theory. Scrutinizing it. Celebrating it. Through the integration of thinking and making and by stressing the importance of access and agency within the world at large, SAIC prepares the graduate student for entry into today’s complex society. We develop students who are not only engaged with their own creative lives, but with the lives of people from backgrounds and cultures much different than their own. 

As a graduate student, you will focus, study intensively, and learn from world-class faculty. You will develop professional friendships and mentor relationships that will influence you for decades to come. You will have the opportunity to cross boundaries between disciplines and have access to one of the most renowned collections of art in the world. Because we provide you with a context, awareness, and understanding much greater than any single-discipline approach could provide, your work will grow, your ability to adapt and succeed will be confirmed, and you will become a fuller person for the experience.

Many noteworthy graduate students have achieved great success with an SAIC education. Without question.  Are you ready?

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