Art Basel Miami Beach

Kavi Gupta Gallery  MBCC | A16
José Lerma (SAIC faculty)

Marianne Boesky Gallery MBCC | B11
Sanford Biggers (MFA 1999)

Corbett vs. Dempsey  MBCC | C24
Margot Bergman
Magalie Guérin (MFA 2011)
David Hartt (MFA 1994)
Samantha Hill (MFA 2010)
Larry Janiak (BFA 2008)

Rhona Hoffman Gallery MBCC | G7
Jacob Hashimoto (BFA 1996)
Luis Gispert (BFA 1996)
Jackie Saccoccio (MFA 1988)

Pace Gallery MBCC | D8
Claes Oldenburg (SAIC 1950-53, HON 1979)

Guerilla Performance

Matty Davis (MFA 2016)
Carriage (guerilla performances) during Art Basel Miami Beach
Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 12am.

Design Miami

Art of the Wild: Eden Genesis
Installation for Perrier-Jouet by
Luftwerk, Petra Bachmaier (BFA 1999) and Sean Gallero (BFA 1998).


curated by William Cordova (BFA 1996)

Exhibitors: Sabba S. Elahi | Antonio Francisco Lopez (BFA 2017) | Rhonda Wheatley | Mev Luna (MFA 2017, Faculty)| Norman W. Long | Samantha Hill (MFA 2010, Faculty lecturer)| N.Masani Landfair | Oscar Gonzalez Diaz | Daniel Haddad

The transphysics we knew about…
curated by William Cordova (BFA 1996)

Exhibitors: Purvis Young | Coco Fusco | Leslie Hewitt | Juana Valdes | Yanira Collado (NG 1995) | Dinizulu Gene Tinnie | Wardell Milan | Aramis O’Reilly | Nicolas Sanchez | Lou Anne Colodny | Arturo E. Mosquera | Debra Priestly | Donald McKnight |  Torkwase Dyson | Adriana Farmiga | Derrick Adams | Wayne Hodge | Arthur Polendo (Post-Bacc 1996, MFA 1998) | Heather Hart | Colin Chase |  Carl Pope | Nyame Brown (BFA 1993) | Rashawn Griffin | Loren Holland | Onajide Shabaka | Izel Vargas | Bronwyn Katz | Ernesto Oroza | Charo Oquet | Robert Wade | Luis Gispert (BFA 1996)| Robert McKnight

Nyugen Smith (MFA Low-Res, 2016)

Showing a series of landscapes populated by Bundlehouses, which is a term Smith coined in 2005 to describe homes created by bundling found/reclaimed materials together to make a home.

Nyugen Smith is also making a performance on 12/7 from 7-7:45pm.

CasaCor Miami

Justin Cooper (MFA 2005)
Showing two new garden hose lamps at CasaCor.

Satellite Art Show

Body Switchers
Curated by Holly Cahill

What are we to do with the body and its double? How might we re-insert or re-imagine our dimensions, form and gender in virtual space?  Has the virtual become the material of our physical surroundings?  Body Switchers includes the work of five Chicago-based artists who negotiate these questions.

Michael C. Andrews (BFA 1999, Faculty), Helen Maurene Cooper (MFA 2007, Faculty), Meg Duguid (BFA 1999), Kelly Kaczynski (Faculty lecturer), and Jeroen Nelemans (MFA 2007)
practices span engagements ranging from the advent of the supercomputer to our interaction with handheld devices as well as those worlds that exist somewhere between the virtual and the physical.


ada gallery, booth B03
Shannon Wright (MFA 1994)

Andrew Rafacz, booth B06          
Justin John Greene (BFA 2007)
Melissa Leandro (BFA 2008, MFA 2017)

Anglim Gilbert, booth E02            
Clare Rojas (MFA 2002)

Bitforms, booth C27     
Sara Ludy (BFA 2003)
Siebren Versteeg (BFA 1996) 

Denny Gallery, booth C34            
Jessie Edelman (SAIC 10-11)

Kravets Wehby, booth A9            
Allison Zuckerman (Post Bacc 2013, MFA 2015) 

Luce Gallery, booth D19
Robert David (BFA 1997)

Moniquemeloche, booth C29   
Carrie Schneider (MFA 2007)

Shulamit Nazarin, booth E8         
Jake Ziemann (BFA 2008)

South of the Tracks, booth A23
Yewon Kwon, Current Student (BFA 2017)

Western Exhibitions, booth A4
Elijah Burgher (MFA 2004)
Faith Wilding (Faculty)

80m2, booth C04           
William Cordova (BFA 1996)

Johannes Vogt, booth C36     
Danielle Tegeder (MFA 1997)

Are you exhibiting during Art Basel this year?

Email and tell us about your project or what fair you are participating in and your booth number. We will add you to our list of exhibiting SAIC artists.