Undergraduate Merit Scholarships

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) awards merit scholarships to students who demonstrate exceptional levels of thoughtfulness, skill, conceptual capabilities, and academic groundedness. Scholarships are financial awards that do not need to be repaid.

SAIC annually awards a substantial number of undergraduate, merit-based scholarships to new students. Students are considered for these scholarships when they first apply to the school, and there is no separate application. Recipients are selected through a holistic review of each student's academic history, portfolio, and statement of intent.

Students considered for a merit scholarship may receive one of the scholarships listed below.

If you are awarded a scholarship, and you defer admission to a later term, you forfeit the scholarship and will need to resubmit an updated portfolio, statement of intent, and recent transcripts to be considered for future merit-based scholarships.

Please contact the Office of Admissions at 800.232.7242 or by email at admiss@saic.edu for more information about merit-based scholarships and the scholarship review process for new students.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

Admitted Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) applicants will qualify to receive a $2,000 PTK Scholarship per academic year through the admission process once PTK status is verified.  This is in addition to any other merit scholarships awarded through SAIC Admissions.  A separate application is not necessary for this award.