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Erin Gasim

South Territory Manager


Rachel Dorsey

East Coast Territory Manager


Ilan Gutin

West Coast Territory Manager

Travis Tiblier

Midwest Territory Manager


James Wetzel

Chicago Territory Manager


Sean Hogan

Illinois Territory Manager


Erin Gasim

Associate Director of International Admissions

Ilan Gutin

Assistant Director of International Admissions

Jackson Moore

Assistant Director of International Admissions

We want to meet with you and assist you through the admission process. We invite you to attend our SAIC Days, National Portfolio Days, and visit us on campus to have the opportunity to engage with our representatives about SAIC, your work, and our curriculum, and get a better sense of what it is like to be a SAIC student.

We look forward to reviewing your work and helping you prepare a portfolio which best showcases your creative vision. Bring your portfolio and feel free to bring your sketch books as well. They give us great insight into how you think and work. We are also happy to look at digital and video portfolios—just make sure your peripherals are fully charged.