Prints and Drawings Room

SAIC students visit the Art Institute of Chicago Prints and Drawings room to view original works of art by world famous artists and designers.

Foundation First

Before you have the capacity to create truly meaningful work, you need the proper foundation to build on. At SAIC the foundation is structured with numerous courses in liberal arts and art/design history and theory. These classes give you context and background. They give you a basis on which you can think about and choose to disagree with, build upon, or create something entirely new.

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Liberal Arts at SAIC

As an undergraduate student you will participate in undergraduate first-year seminars. First-year seminars are not your typical freshman English class. They’re about mining ideas, talking about them, reading about them, and writing fearlessly about them. First-year seminars prepare you to handle concepts with greater sophistication. They are writing classes poised in the context of ideas. Examples of current seminars include Social Space and the ArtistPhilosophy of Sex; American Writers in ParisMemory and Imagination; and Dangerous Ideas. From there you will be able to select from a large and diverse selection of courses in English, natural science, social science, and the humanities.

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