You must meet the following criteria to gain admission to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s (SAIC) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with an Emphasis in Art Education program:

  1. Admission to SAIC's undergraduate division
  2. Consultation and transcript analysis with the department's Licensure Specialist during the first semester of your sophomore year
  3. Submission of a departmental application during the first semester of junior year. Application packets are available at the Department of Art Education, Sharp Building, 37 S. Wabash Ave., 7th floor.
    • Application must be submitted by October 1 for admission the following spring semester.
    • Recommendation from a faculty member, using the form included with the application
    • A 500- to 1,000-word Statement of Purpose explaining why you want to teach
    • Portfolio of art work/cultural production: (10 images showing work you are currently most excited about; 10 images showing a range of media, and SAIC coursework) Please enclose an Image Description List, identifying the title, dimensions, media, and dates completed.
    • A 350- to 500-word Writing Sample that discusses the images you have included in your portfolio. Be sure to give the context in which the pieces were made and discuss the challenges and significant learning associated with various works. Include an analysis of references or influences, use of materials, processes, and common themes that relate to some or all of the works. Discuss social, political, or personal relevance as well as formal attributes of the work.
  4. Formal interview with Nicole Marroquin, Director of the BFA with an Emphasis in Art Education program to be completed prior to application deadlines
  5. Teacher candidates begin the art education program during the second semester of their junior year. The BFA with an Emphasis in Art Education program is usually completed within three semesters. Please refer to the BFA with an Emphasis in Art Education Program Guide [PDF] for a comprehensive list of program requirements.

Note: Completion of art education program prerequisites does NOT guarantee admission to the teacher preparation program.

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