2012 Thesis Titles

Jackie HJ Cho
Infiltrating Fashion via Twitter

Rami George
Untitled (Queer[ed] Affect and Spirituality)

Melinda Griffith
On the Removal of Nonsense from Children's Media

Heather Hall
The Loch Ness monster phones Hegel, but gets his machine

Caitie Kealy
Viral Velocity: States of Interaction in Meme Culture

Caroline E. Kim
Intellectual Property at Art School: How to Protect from being accused of Copyright Infringement

Jasmine Lee
The Institution of Free: Memory, Mobility and Autonomy in the Digital Age

Janina Clara McQuoid
Song as Story: Thank God for Brazilian Rap

Daryl Meador
Illustrating the Apocalypse: The Resonance of Christian Zionism in Contemporary America

Miah Michelson-Jones

Edward Rossa
Cruising the modern wing: excavating queer history at the Art Institute of Chicago

Caz Wallace
Contagious Violence: Media, Taboo and the Woman

Abbie Wilson
We Are All In This Together: Activism, Social Work, and Creative Endeavors

Brook Sinkinson Withrow
Simultaneous Screens in the Gallery: A Guide to Understanding Your Endemic Toolbox

Alexander Zak
Cyborg Sexualities: Virtual Sex and Our Devices are Sex Organs

2011 Thesis Titles

Martha Drouet
The Mall and the Megachurch: Ritualistic Shopping and Shopping for Ritual

Morgan Facemire
Power in Pleasure and Violence: A Sex Positive Study of Rape Fantasies and Female Perversion

Emma James

Rhonda Lowry
Garbage: Material, Metaphor, & Process

Hannah Manfredi
On Singing: Aquí/Allá

Haley Martin
Community Building in the Schoolyard: Trials and Tribulations in the "Creative Economy"

Emery Nunez
Debunking Spunk: Representing Male Sexual Performances

Carisse Ramos
Fun with Dick and Little Susie: The Naming of Erogenous Zones

Bailey Romaine
On Finding the "Worldfeeling": The Semiotics and Material(ity) of Kurt Schwitters' Merz Poems

Kelsey Witte
Fashion Film: An Emerging Genre

2010 Thesis Titles

Alyse Benenson
The Unlivable Life: The Future That Can Never Be, The Past That Never Was, and the Present That Isn't What You Thought It Could Have Been

Edward Cabral
Bitmapping the Museum

Lauren Christiansen
Dematerialization: Reconsidering Object Exhibition in the Digital Age

Genevieve Costello
Dependency & Inconsistency: Qualifications of Online Social Realities

Liberty Herring
Mountains I Have Climbed with my Father

Millie Kapp
Imitational Learning in Dance

Margot Kinscherff
Glamorous Diseases: an Examination of Erotic Frailty

Ben Koditschek
How to Design for Everyday Creativity

Liz Medoff
Visualizing Memory

Kerri O'Malley
Graffited Public Space

Baltazar Peña Ríaos
On Why Milan Was Thrust From Milan and how Hamlet is a Comedy

Eric Rowan
A Space That Doesn't Exist

Sabina Sun
Enter the Fist

Sean Tang
Visualizing Risk: Scotland-Singapore Overland

Amy Taylor
Violence in Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Brad Troemel
Free Art

Sava Wolf
Anonymous Sex: Human Trafficking Encountered Through The Lens of Erotic Entertainment

2009 Thesis Titles

Caroline Carlsmith
Small Game: On the Nature of Furs

Emily Ensminger

Jaime Groetsema
Reconsidering Alternative Structures: Education, Organization and Public Space in Chicago's Non-Traditional Galleries

Amy Harvey
Pass the Salt: The Saliera Epic

Lisa See Kim
Parts of Speech

Zachary Parsons
Avant-Org: Social Organization and Aesthetic Critique

Lauren Shimel
Abstracted Warfare: Inquiries Into Photographic Expression

Beverly Taylor
Tickets to the Gun Show: Bodybuilders, Steroids, and 21st Century Gym Culture

Karly Wildenaus
Convergent Practices: Approaching Contemporary Curation Through the Internet

2008 Thesis Titles

Michael Murphy
Terms of Engagement: Liberation through Visual Experience

Karen Archey
Reflecting the Viewer in Contemporary Curation Through the Exhibition as Medium

Mariam Bakhtiari
Daydream Nation: The Realization of Identity and Culture Through the Media

Benjamin Blumberg
Greenberg in the Eighties: Toward an Ideological Critique

Bea Cleveland
Remanufacturing the Myth: validating ethical fashion production

Katherine Daly
Absence Speaks Louder Than Words: Play, Pleasure, and the Liminoid in American Comics.

Kimberly K. Genly
The Escape Velocity of Politics: Rhetoric for a New Space Age

Jamie Keesling
Stylistic Discourse and the Role of the Artist

Michael F. Langhoff
Between Dialogue

Bret Schneider
The Boring Self

Alicia Wamsley
The Enneagram

Ke-Ruo Meekus Wang
Cultural Frankenstein Creature: Antiqued modernity under the Tourist Gaze in Chicago's Chinatown

2007 Thesis Titles

Haseeb W. Ahmed
On Subject Blobject Relations: Karim Rashid and the Alhambra

Clint Jerrit Bargers
From the Journals of Lewis and Clark: (These Things I Remember, But Often Forget)

Pam C Nogales C
The Temporal Nucleus of Art: Hiroshima Mon Amour and the Modern Problem of History

Dania Calandrino
Laughing at Nothing: Polyphallus

Nanci Nwamaka Ikejimba
Hearts in Oil: Neocolonialism in the Niger Delta and the Language of Violence

Yoon Ji Kim
Art as Form of High Commodity

Maria Marchenkova
Russian Ark: The National Idea After the Flood of History

Dan Osediacz

Tim Ridlen
Faking Death and Locating Violence in the Photograph

Elizabeth Shingleton
Decoding the Architecture of Online Communities to Find Meaning in the Space Between

Cesca Smotherman
Sex Sells: From Prostitutes to Sugar Daddies and Back Again

Zoe Weisman
Intifada Icon: The Dissemination of the Keffiyeh

2006 Thesis Titles

Melea Britt Alexander
www.builtenvironment.org: meditations on built environment: be.ing/be.coming/be.longing

Dani Deahl
Slam poetry: forging new paths and dispelling old myths

D. Ferrari
Puffy clouds over empty road: rupture, the rapture and syncope 

Shena Shanell Jones
Sweet hotel, my Hotel Chelsea

Pearl Lim
You are "cordially" invited 

Heather N. Pardew
The value behind the veil: investigating the meaning and metaphor behind the dowry tradition

Deanna Rooney
In pursuit of an active audience

2005 Thesis Titles

Claire Chak

Jean Potter
Contrived, implied, and projected: abecedarian themes in abstract expressionism

Brittany Reilly
Made possible: the network of support for the visual arts in Pittsburgh, and how it is changing the city

Garland M. Taylor
A father's affects: mourning rite

2004 Thesis Titles

Sarabeth Berk
Culture-in Aspen: an ephemeral art affair

Morgan L. Bury
Death used as visual propaganda during United States Wartime

Murphy Dunn
Desperately seeking display: an exploration into Chicago's gallery scene

Joseph Frederick Janka

Ruba Katrib
Looking for love in all the wrong places

Sally Kim
The unknown soldiers of the Vietnam War

Madeline Nusser
Readymade identity

Shawn Sargent
The social, the political, and the personal: exploring perceptions and realities of homelessness

Elisabeth Sauvageau
The wrong end of the leash: the dilemma of the American Pit Bull terror

2003 Thesis Titles

Misty L. DeMars
Morphology of the toy soldier body: an odyssey through warfare and play

Mylene Hengen
Exhibiting the Native: the visual representation of the Native American

Keegan Kelsey
On visual literacy

Lacey A. Muszynski
Cooking up complexity: mothers, daughters and the gastro-relationship

Janine Nock
The metrosexual

Steph Pavone
Constructed narrative: fashion photography of the 90's 

Brigit Ritchie
Seeing yourself seeing

Beatrice Smigasiewicz
Hotel "Victory"

Nicole Vismara
Profile of evil: Idi Amin Dada