January 5–20, 2015
*Note: Dates subject to change

This trip offers students a glimpse of the African continent through the diverse geographies, peoples, arts practices, customs, languages, and cultural norms of the country of Tanzania. It provides opportunities to unpack "Western" stereotypes of Africa and African stereotypes of "Westerners" and to examine how tourism, the history of humanitarianism, and popular media have served to construct and maintain these stereotypes. Because students will be traveling with East African artists, they will gain an intimate view of the local arts scene from those who are immersed in it, as well as a first-hand perspective on East African histories, politics, and contemporary life. The service focus of the trip also offers opportunities for exposure to the impact of HIV/AIDS on children and communities, engagement in arts aimed at bolstering the resilience of vulnerable children, and involvement in ethnographic research designed to better understand the impact of the arts on the health of children and communities.

We will visit various geographies and sites in Tanzania, including the dramatic tides of the Indian Ocean, the lush foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the wildlife (lions, rhinos, monkeys, hippos, and other animals) of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the archeological site at Olduvai Gorge, and the breathtaking views above the clouds in the Usumburu Mountains. We will be exposed to local craft markets and artists' studios, the work of socially engaged artists working to mitigate the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS, and art forms from traditional to contemporary. We will experience the beauty, assets, and cultural richness of Tanzania, as well as its challenges—poverty, corruption, and limited access to material and social resources. The end result will likely be a more nuanced, realistic, rich and complicated view of Tanzania and its peoples.

Credits: 3 credits STUDIO and / or 3 credits LIBARTS

Cathy Moon, Art Therapy
Karen Morris, Liberal Arts and Visual and Critical Studies

Program fee: Approximately $5,500 including airfare Chicago to Dar es Salaam (also including accommodation, admissions, ground transport, and most meals).

PLUS Tuition cost per credit:
Undergraduate—$1,381 per credit hour
Graduate—$1,467 per credit hour

Group airfare is included in the program fee.

Application process:
Instructor consent required. Submit the Application for Tanzania Winter Study Trip [PDF] to faculty by October 2 for pre-approval to register.

Online registration begins: October 9, 2014

Deposit due at registration: $525

Information sessions:
Tuesday, September 16, 12:10 p.m.
MacLean Center, 112 S. Michigan Ave., suite 620

Thursday, September 25, 12:10 p.m.
MacLean Center, 112 S. Michigan Ave., suite 920