The Earl and Brenda Shapiro Center for Research and Collaboration connects the SAIC community to civic, academic, and industry organizations from the local to the global.

Partners benefit from the creative, theoretical, and applied practices unique to SAIC.

Faculty benefit from an SAIC-wide initiative aimed at increasing the range of research opportunities and broadening the impact of research outcomes.

Students benefit from an investment in their futures as 21st-century creative leaders.

What We Do

Supporting Sponsored Research Processes

The Shapiro Center provides faculty with research development support including:

Fostering a Research Environment at SAIC

The Shapiro Center works with the SAIC community to plan symposia and networking activities that promote faculty research with internal and external peers. The Shapiro Center also helps to develop SAIC-wide processes and policies to support faculty research and interests in creative discovery.

Developing Research Partnerships

The Shapiro Center helps SAIC faculty develop research project partnerships with external nongovernment, corporate, academic, and government organizations. The Shapiro Center also solicits and brings to faculty attention external partnership and funding opportunities.

Incubating New Research Projects

The Shapiro Center works with faculty and staff to incubate new research projects, often sponsored by external partners, which have the potential for broad involvement and outreach across SAIC units and departments.