Go Fund Yourself!


March 29, 2018
1–4 p.m., MacLean Ballroom

Hosted by the Shapiro Center for Research and Collaboration and CAPX.

Do you have questions about your creative independence? There are lots of ways to build your practice and Go Fund Yourself! 

We will have professionals, alumni, and current students on hand to answer your questions about building your practice. 

What can you ask? Be insanely specific: “Should I trademark this project name?” or really general: “How do I make money?” 


Or how about:

  • “Is it ok to earn money on my ideas?”
  • “How does crowdfunding work?”
  • “How do I spread the word about my idea?”
  • “How do I tell my story better?”
  • “How do I protect my ideas?”
  • “What’s an LLC and do I want one?” 
  • “Should I start a nonprofit?”
  • “What are taxes?”


Join us for an afternoon for one-on-one exchanges and inspiring stories about making your ideas and practice come to life on your terms. 


No panel discussions. No big lectures. Everyone’s practice is different, so one size doesn’t fit all. You ask your questions and get some answers. Meet people who have done this before and are working through the challenges as we speak. Bring questions! Each guest expert will be on hand for small, intimate conversations about making your ideas real. Learn about current students and recent alumni who have started their path to creative independence. It’s a community affair ready to help you Go Fund Yourself! 

Who will be there? 

Charles Adler 
(Chicago) Co-founder of Kickstarter. Founder of Center for Lost Arts, a Chicago collective of creatives.

Jeremy Bailey
(Toronto) Artist, founder of Lean Artist, the world's first startup accelerator for artists.

Adam Huttler
(New York) Founder of Fractured Atlas, founder of Exponential Creativity Ventures, an impact fund for creativity tools and platforms

 Gabriella Smith
(Chicago) SAIC BFA 2018. Founder of Camber, a jewelry company that raised $10,000 in her first Kickstarter as a sophomore. 

Danny Schuman
(Chicago) Founder and President, Twist, a marketing and brand-development company. 

Maryiah Winding
(Chicago), SAIC BFA 2018. Creator of No Ghost Record Label, stemming from her practice in Music Therapy and counseling youths through hip-hop and rap. 

Zach Dunham
(New York) Director of Design & Technology Communities, Kickstarter

Sky Cubacub
(Chicago) SAIC BFA 2015. Creator of Rebirth, a fashion line for the full spectrum of size, gender, and ability. 2017 Winner of Make Work Challenge.

Nika Koda and Pauly Ramirez 
(Chicago) SAIC BFA 2016 & BFA 2015. Founders of Hermit, an online marketplace where patrons can commission artwork in the style and medium of their choice. Hermit was the first SAIC Entrepreneur-in-Residence.