America's Most Wanted: Hip Hop, The Media, and Mass Incarceration


Thursday, June 16, 2016, 6:00 p.m.
Nichols Tower, Homan Square, 906 W Homan Ave., 12th floor

Featuring SAIC Nichols Artists in Residence: 1 Hood Media's Celeste Smith and Jasiri X

America's Most Wanted: Hip Hop, The Media, and Mass Incarceration is an in depth discussion regarding the negative imagery prominent in current Rap music and probes who is responsible for shaping the negative narrative that dominates the genre. How Mass Media Leads to Mass Incarceration further analyses the direct connection between the contrary images of young men of color and the inordinate proportion of the same demographic fueling the prison industrial complex.

Conversation includes a screening of Bars4Justice, directed by award winning filmmakers Hakeem Khaaliq and Queen Muhammad Ali.

"We believe this is the perfect time to use different approaches to activism. Encouraging advocacy through hip hop can help educate and position today's youth locally and nationally" said Queen. The film includes cameo appearances by Academy Award® winner artist Common (Selma) along with Talib Kweli, Immortal Technique, M1 from Dead Prez, Jasiri X, Cornell West, Bree Newsome, and activists from all over the country. "This film documents the new generation of civil right activists who don't sing we shall overcome they chant... Fight the Power" said Hakeem. Bars4Justice was filmed in Ferguson in the midst of yet another officer involved shooting during the anniversary of Michael Brown's death who was killed by officer Darren Wilson on the same day a year prior.

Join Jasiri X and Celeste Smith as they discuss being self employed artists, activists, and parents while partnering to run 1Hood Media. Take a tour through our artist studios to see Celeste's latest piece, Be, created while in residency here at the School of the Art Institute Chicago and join Jasiri for a listening session of excerpts from his latest project P.O.W.E.R. (People Oppressed Will Eventually Rise).