The Earl and Brenda Shapiro Center for Research and Collaboration Advisory Council

The Shapiro Center Advisory Council consists of representatives from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) faculty, staff, and graduate student body; members of the SAIC Board of Governors; researchers and leaders; cultural funding organizations; and community members. Each Advisory Council member contributes to the council and the Shapiro Center a breadth of knowledge and experience in arts-based research and practice, scientific research, community development, and business management. The Advisory Council promotes the Shapiro Center's mission to help promote the intellectual merit, broader impacts, and creative excellence inherent in SAIC faculty research and collaboration projects.

The Advisory Council is charged to collaborate with the director of the Shapiro Center to:

Advisory Council Members (Ex-Officio)

Brenda Shapiro
Honorary Member

Elissa Tenny
Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, SAIC

Paul Coffey
Vice Provost, SAIC

Cheryl Russell
Executive Director, Corporate, Foundation, Government, and Civic Relations, SAIC

Alan Labb
Associate Provost of Educational Technology and Innovation, SAIC

Advisory Council Members (Appointed)

Christopher Baker
Assistant Professor, Art and Technology Studies, SAIC

Daniel Bryant
Board of Governors, SAIC; Managing Partner, Sheridan Road Financial, LLC

Charlie Catlett
Senior Computer Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory; Senior Fellow, Computation Institute, University of Chicago

Donna Cox
Director, Advanced Visualization Laboratory, National Center for Supercomputing Applications; Director, eDream (Emerging Digital Research and Education in Arts Media Institute), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Romi Crawford
Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts; Visual and Cultural Studies; and Art History, Theory, and Criticism, SAIC

Ruby Lerner
President and Executive Director, Creative Capital, Inc.

Mina Matlon
Graduate Student, Arts Administration and Policy, SAIC

Doug Pancoast
Associate Professor, Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects, SAIC

John Ploof
Professor, Art Education, SAIC

Anne Sullivan
Assistant Professor, Historic Preservation, SAIC

Kay Torshen
Board of Governors, SAIC; President, Torshen Capital Management, LLC

Anne Wilson
Professor, Fiber and Materials Studies, SAIC

Andrew Yang
Associate Professor, Liberal Arts, SAIC