PLEASE NOTE: There are three ways to request your transcripts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC): in person, by mail, and online.

Transcript Fees Description
$5 Per copy sent to US and Canadian addresses
$8 Per copy sent to other international addresses
$20 Per address for express service

Required Information

The transcript request forms require the following information:

  1. Name you attended school under (married women, please include your maiden name)
  2. Dates of attendance
  3. Birthday
  4. Social Security number
  5. Student ID number
  6. Number of copies you need
  7. Addresses where the copies will be sent


SAIC has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to offer online transcript ordering services. Click here to order and track your transcripts online.

In Person
You can visit the Office of Registration and Records at 36 S. Wabash, suite 1210 to fill out a form and pay the fee. Please be sure to have the information above with you at the time of your visit.


You can download the official Transcript Request form and mail it to our office at:

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
36 S. Wabash, suite 1450
Chicago, IL 60603

Fax—Unofficial only

You can request your unofficial transcript by fax, provided the faxed request is signed by the student. Unofficial transcripts requested by fax will be mailed/faxed to the addresses indicated on the Transcript Request form. SAIC neither issues nor accepts as official faxed transcripts.