The Service Bureau, located at 37 S. Wabash Ave. suite 1111, offers CD and DVD duplication, as well as full-color, UV-coated, thermal disc printing. A text template service is available for a fee. We will not print on, or copy to customer media.

Expected time: 24 hours

+ 24 hours for a test disc

Ink Type Thermal Transfer Ribbon
CD/DVD Colors Inkset: silver white
CD/DVD Types CD-R, DVD-R, Dual Layer DVD+R
Max Duplication Order Unlimited*
Max Print Order 400

*Turnaround times will increase for quantities over 50.


Per DiscBlank MediaDuplicationPrinting
CD-R $0.40 $0.30 $0.55
DVD-R $0.60 $0.35 $0.55
Dual Layer DVD+R $2.25 $0.70 $0.55
White Paper Sleeve $0.07
Black DVD Case $0.14