Laser and inkjet printers are available in the Columbus Drive Building, Photography Lab, MacLean Center, Sharp Building, Sullivan Center and the Residence Halls. These locations may have permanent desktop workstations and/or network ports to connect your laptop via Ethernet. To print directly from your laptop, you will need to bring your own Ethernet cable to connect to a network port.

This page is for general access printers. If you need access to a specialized departmental printer, please contact your academic department office or the CRIT Help Desk.

PLEASE NOTE: Wireless printing is not allowed at SAIC.

Download and install these drivers to print on campus


ARTIPrint funds are provided to each student each semester for color and black & white laser printing only. Refunds are not available for ARTIPrint printers.

Manage your allotment carefully! If you use your entire ARTIPrint allotment, it will not reset until the start of the next semester. You will need to deposit cash onto your ARTICard to continue making black & white and color laser prints

Your ARTIPrint allotment cannot be used for copies or inkjet printing. You will need to deposit cash onto your ARTICard for copies and inkjet prints.


ARTICash is personal cash which you can add to your account. You can deposit cash and have it immediately post to your ARTICard Accounts at one of five campus Value Transfer Stations.

For additional ARTICard deposit options, visit the ARTICard page on the Portal. Go to the Resources tab > Student Life and Services channel > ARTICard link.