Location: Service Bureau, 37 S. Wabash Ave. Room 1111

The Service Bureau uses a Graphtec FC8000-100 vinyl cutter for professional-quality vinyl cutting.

Expected time: 48 hours

Your job will be supplied to you cut only, with all the vinyl still intact, unless otherwise specified. See Additional Vinyl Services (below) for more info on Weeding and Application Tape.

Vinyl Type Avery 900 Ultimate Cast
Vinyl Colors Matte Black, Glossy Black, Matte White, Glossy White, & Dark Grey*
Size Minimum 1 sq ft for in stock media
Minimum 2 sq ft for special orders
Vinyl Rating 4-7 years, depending on type
File Type Illustrator files only
File Preparation All designs must be closed vector paths with no overlapping paths. Strokes and text must be converted to outlines.

It helps to open the file in Illustrator and go to View > Outline. The cutter will cut all the lines you see. Any black space will not be cut.

See Tips for Common Mistakes (below) for more info.

* In addition to our regular stock, we have a limited selection of assorted vinyl colors available. You can also special order any of the Avery 900 Ultimate Cast colors, adding at least 4 days to your turnaround time. Come see us at the Service Bureau for more details.

 Roll widthCost
Normal Vinyl (A4/A9 colors) up to 30" $4.00/sq ft
Specialty Vinyl (Metallic, Fluorescent, etc.) up to 30" $5.00/sq ft
Supply your own media up to 42" $3.00/sq ft

Tips for Common File Mistakes

What you see (10pt stroke)
10pt stroke
What the cutter sees
10pt stroke: cutter's view
What the cutter sees with strokes outlined
Cutter's view of strokes
Best Scenario- shape created without strokes
Shape with without strokes
Clipping Masks
What you see
Clipping mask
What the cutter sees
Clipping mask - cutter's view
Best Scenario- shape created without a Clipping Mask
Shape without clipping mask

Additional Vinyl Services

Your job will be supplied to you cut, with all the vinyl still intact. Your vinyl still needs to be weeded and tape must be applied before it is ready to be put on the wall. Here is some more information on weeding, taping, and installing vinyl.


To "weed" a vinyl job means to remove the excess vinyl from the liner, leaving only your words and designs.

Weeding Your Vinyl Yourself

Its easy and saves you time and money! Some advice when weeding your file:

Weeding by the Bureau

The Service Bureau will weed cut vinyl consisting of text up to 30" x 48", with a font point size of 24 and higher for san serif type or 36 and higher for serif type. The Service Bureau does not weed designs or graphics. Depending on your text size/design, we reserve the right to refuse this service due to space and staffing limitations.


Weeding by the Staff

$3.00/sq ft

Expected time: 24 hours

Application Tape

Tape must be applied over the vinyl to hold the pieces in place and transfer them from the liner on to the wall. Taping is even easier than weeding. We will provide you with tape, squeegees for pressing the tape to the vinyl and removing bubbles, and lots of tips and tricks. Or we can do it for you, after weeding, at no cost (because it's that easy).

Expected time: 24 hours

Applying application tape to stick your graphic to the wall FREE


We won't install the vinyl for you, but here's some good advice on how to make it go smoothly: