Location: Service Bureau, 37 S. Wabash Ave. Room 1111

The Service Bureau has 3 different kinds of binding available

Wire bound
Wire Bound
Saddle stitch
Saddle Stitch
Perfect bound
Perfect Bound

Wire bound

Wire binding is a simple way to bind lots of papers quickly

Expected time: 24 hours

Wire Length Max 11"
Wire Type Black Metal
# of Pages Max 100


Binding Only $1.50
Binding w/ Cardstock Covers $2.00
Binding w/ Clear Covers $3.00
Binding w/ Clear Cover and Cardstock Back $2.50

Saddle Stitch

Saddle Stitch Binding folds an 8.5"x11" or 11"x17" paper in half to make a book. Good for zines, short comics, or small pamphlets.

Expected time: 24 hours

Printers Canon 9075 or B&W Laser
Size Either 5.5x8" or 8.5x11". Books are folded along the long edge
Paper Hammermill Bond, Sterling Gloss Text, B&W Laser Paper, or B&W Colored Papers*
File Preparation Single pages (NOT spreads). The # of pages must be divisible by 4.
File Type PDF

*You can print your cover on one kind of paper/printer and the body of your book on another (i.e. a color cover w/ b&w text inside)

Add $.03 to the price of printing

Perfect Bound

The Service Bureau makes soft cover books, like Blurb.com and Lulu.com.

Expected time: 6 days

Perfect bound books take 6 days, with a proof in 3 days and the finished book(s) 3 days after that, not including weekends. If you do not want a proof, your book(s) will still take 6 days.

Size Any size you want, so long as the page and crop marks fit onto a 13"x19" piece of paper

Most books are 8"x10" or smaller. Anything larger will take longer and cost more. See Oversized Books, Inkjet Covers, and Lamination below.
Paper Hammermill Bond or Sterling Gloss Text for the body; Hammermill Cardstock, Sterling Gloss Cover

You can supply your own paper or prints as well, but some papers won't work in our printers or binder, so check with the Service Bureau first.
File Preparation 2 separate files: a file for the cover, and a file for the body of the book. Both files need crop marks and bleed marks. The cover file should be a spread of the back cover, spine, and front cover. Refer to the table below to estimate how wide the spine will be. The body of your book must be single pages, not spreads.


Estimating Spine Thickness
# of PagesSpine Width in Inches
100 .465"
90 .4185"
80 .372"
70 .3255"
60 .279"
50 .2325"
45 .2093"
40 .186"
35 .1628"
30 .1395"
25 .1162"
20 .093"
15 .07"
10 .0465"


For books 8" x 10" portrait size or smaller, NO Inkjet cover, NO lamination. Anything else see Oversized Books, Inkjet Covers, and Lamination below.
# of Pagesprice/page
1-9 Copies
10-50 Copies
Binding FeeCover Fee
10-20 $.30 $.28 $5 $2
21-40 $.29 $.27
41-60 $.27 $.25
61-80 $.26 $.24
81-100 $.24 $.23
101-120 $.23 $.22
120-150 $.22 $.21
151+ $.21 $.20

Oversized Books, Inkjet Covers, and Lamination

If you're thinking about printing a large book, or adding finishing touches like lamination to your book, here is some information you need to know.

Oversized Books

Expected time: 6 days

This turnaround time only applies if you supply your own cover

Cover You can supply your own cover or get an Inkjet Cover made. (see Books with Inkjet Covers below)
Paper Hammermill Bond for books larger than 11x17"

Hammermill Bond or Sterling Gloss Text for books smaller than 11x17"
Size An Oversized Book is anything larger than 8x10". The biggest we can print is 12"x18".


Price per page doubles for Large books.


Books with Inkjet Covers

Required for oversized book covers, available for any size books.

Expected time: 8 days

Paper All Inkjet Papers are available.
Recommend: Epson Enhanced Matte

If you are laminating your cover (highly recommended) the surface of the paper does not matter.
Printers Epson 9800, Epson 11880, or Epson 9900. See Inkjet Printing (below) for more information on these printers.


Instead of the $2.00 cover fee, normal inkjet printing prices are added to the cost of the book. For more on inkjet printing prices, see Inkjet Printing


Recommended for Inkjet Covers, available for all papers and sizes.

Types Glossy or Matte
Benefits Laminating your cover protects it from general wear and gives the book a professional look. Highly recommended for Inkjet covers, which are more likely to scratch.


Adds $5.00