January 26, 2018

Writers' Drawings

Writers' Drawings curated by Heath Valentine
January 25–February 23, Flaxman Library Main Collections Exhibition Cases, Sharp Building, 6th floor

This exhibition comprises a selection of drawings by writers. Though known for their books, each author featured in the exhibition at some point used drawing as a way to supplement or enhance their writing. Some authors sketched in their notebooks or in the margins of manuscripts, others included their own maps or diagrams with their printed texts, while yet others developed sophisticated visual practices in their own right. In short, drawing in its many forms plays an important role in the creative process of many people whose primary medium is language. The selection begins in 1900 and continues to the present, and is loosely organized according to the original date of the drawing and/or to the original date of publication. Many of the books are available at the Flaxman Library and through I-Share.