April 11, 2017

1866 - 2016: 150 years at SAIC

April 11 - May 12, 2017
Flaxman Library Main Collections Exhibition Cases, Sharp Building 6th floor  

Curated by Shang-Huei Liang (MAAH-2017), Yidan Pang (MAAAD-2018) and Nicholas Lowe (faculty, Arts Admin) these displays have been prepared to coincide with the publication of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (Arcadia Publishing - The Campus History Series), a book by Tom Buechele and Nick Lowe. Over two and a half years Buechele and Lowe worked as part of a dedicated team in the School and Museum to identify materials in the Institutional archives that would communicate a history of the school in pictures. The items on display here were selected to present an extension to the details in the book and as a representation of materials that were not included in the final edit of the publication.

The display is divided into three parts, one per cabinet. The first offers a focus upon the locations, places, and spaces that the school has occupied alongside student work and exhibition catalogs. The second cabinet includes student newspapers and publications representing a particular thread of experimentation, irreverence, and student invention. The final cabinet gathers artifact, curiosities, and SAIC detritus, items that have emerged from our institution and that remain as symbolic and evocative.

A catalog list of items on display is available at the Library Front Desk – Please ask. A browsing copy of the book The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (Arcadia Publishing - The Campus History Series) is also available upon request.

Many thanks for their help and support in the preparation of this exhibition go to Bart Ryckbosch and Deb Webb at the Institutional Archives of the Art Institute of Chicago. Thanks also go to the lenders - Mark Pascale, Jim Zanzi, Tom Buechele, Patrick 'Q' Quilao, Paul Coffey and Michael Ryan - for not only sharing their materials with us but also for sharing their knowledge and additional contextual details in relation to the items.