Each year, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago celebrates the culmination and closure of students' studies at the master's level. In studio areas, the celebration takes place in the form of the thesis exhibitions, while the academic areas complement this with the thesis abstracts publication. This thesis abstract collection gathers and showcases thesis research undertaken in six programs: Master of Arts in Arts Administration and Policy; Master of Arts in Art Education; Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History; Master of Arts in Art Therapy; Master of Arts in Teaching; and Master of Science in Historic Preservation.

2016 Thesis Abstracts

Michael Moore
Outta Pocket, Loose in the Backyard: A Story of the Africanized Honeybee

Perla Judith Pedroza-Perez
Fiction as Emancipation

2015 Thesis Abstracts

Zoya Brumberg-Kraus
"The World is Bound with Secret Knots"

Kelly Lloyd
People Paying Themselves: My Fecis

Patrick Reynolds
The Crystal Coffin and Other Notes on Photography

Bradshaw Stanley
But We, To Whom the World Is

Yuri Stone
Furniture Language, Ambient Text

Tina Tahir
The poetics of destruction—a compendium of ruins and trümmerfloren (ruin flowers)

2014 Thesis Abstracts

Arielle Dionne Krosnick
Simultaneously Random and Orderly, or how I became Anne Tyng

Felicia Mings
Black Maple: Exploring the Diasporic Aesthetic of New Toronto Artists Yannick Anton, Taiwo Bah, and Nabil Shash

2013 Thesis Abstracts

Lise Haller Baggesen

Joshua Michael Demaree
Watching Sontag : an exploration of cinephilia

Darja Filippova
Smuggler of loss

Danny Floyd
Essays on weather for a post-Katrina society

M. Christine Fotopulos
Radio : voice : archive

Sarah Hamilton
Meme in America : the role of viral videos and image macros in the 2012 presidential election

Peter Anthony Kusek
Cinematic anomalies

Ruslana Lichtzier
6 x 9

Elçin Marasli
Irreverent impressions : visual evaluation as a intermediary tool in social practice

Anthony D. Stepter
Extinct entities

Devdutt Trivedi
Chhand, cinema and the theories of Gilles Deleuze

Michelle K. Weidman
An important call : language, affect and ideology in subject formation

2012 Thesis Abstracts

Kate Korroch
Concocting corporeality : the body in contemporary visual art by artists from South Korea

Jessica Bardsley
Nostalgic historiography : an evocation before the archive

Kelly Christian
"Rather a grave subject..." the critical role of the nineteenth century postmortem photograph

Christine Campe
Why not think about illustration : contemporary illustration from a visual studies perspective

Gabrielle Scott
The comfort of strangeness : a conversation on molecular gastronomy, taste and memory

Alana Dao
From away : viewing shades of whiteness through the lens of tourism

Annan Shehadi
Objects of Palestine : narratives of Chicago’s diaspora

2011 Thesis Abstracts

Sara Ann Clugage
All the kings horses : neuropsychology and the fractured brain

Thomas Brandon Evans
Sympathetic resonances : relationality and affect in the sonic field

R. E. H. Gordon
The observants (a sculpture and performance) & extremely precise objects of ambiguous use

Meredith Shea Kooi
The misfit mime mimes self : new metaphors for autoimmunity

Lucy Catherine Parker
Paint.exe : a history of computer paint tools

Lauren A. Ross
Ritual, repetition, transformation : performance art works and the politics of mourning

Jeremy Stephen Shedd
Images that aren't ours : how representation structures identity in the digital age

Andrea Slavik
Collegiate Gothic : the specters of progress at the University of Chicago

Samantha Topol
Airplane mode on : the skymall effect

Dustin Yager
No accounting for taste : consumption, identity, and the development of lifestyle culture

2010 Thesis Abstracts

Maureen Alison Burns
The conflicting desires of mobility : metaphors of the exile, the tourist, the nomad, and other figures of travel

Alicia Chester
Beholding bodies and embodied beholders in Annette Messagers Mes vux

Joel Lansing Kuennen
I in space : contemporary subjectivity in place and time

Kristi McGuire
Revising the pharmacist and its imaginary twin : a strange cartography & an intentional agent in the process of being distinguished again

Divya Menon
Memory and history in Modern literature

Susan Nadine Morelock
The illusionist : looking at post-production photography in the twenty-first century

Zephyr Pfotenhauer
Subject to change : trickster modalities in the art of Zephyr Pfotenhauer.

Brian Wallace
The woods

2009 Thesis Abstracts

Ellen Hartwell Alderman
Phenomenal translucency in Toyo Itos T House

Michael Gibisser
Between the symptom and the synapse : the intensity of dementia

2008 Thesis Abstract

Jefferson Dakota Brown
Re-reading Emigre, 1994-2005 : design criticism and critical practice

2007 Thesis Abstracts

Ismiaji Cahyono
Balancing the act : pursuing a socially responsible graphic design in Indonesia

Julia Marsh
Looking at Lincoln : pictures and persuasions

A. Pandjiris
Always still to come : redemption, anticipation and melancholia

Garland M. Taylor
An installation, remember your death...