The Master of Arts (MA) in Teaching prepares students to become critical teachers of visual culture and fulfills requirements for certification in the State of Illinois for K-12 Art Education. The MA in Teaching curriculum connects theoretical knowledge, everyday experiences, social critique, and creative expression through structured and sequenced coursework, field experience, research, and thesis production.

Students begin their coursework with seminars that investigate connections between experiences inside and outside of public schooling within a larger framework of cultural and historical analysis. These seminars provide a common ground for students to understand art, education, and curricula as both products of history and potential sites for cultural change. In the following semesters, MA in Teaching students apply their curriculum development experience through fieldwork in established elementary and secondary programs. In addition, MA in Teaching students pursue relevant research and praxis that culminates in the production of a master's thesis.

In their final semester of study, MA in Teaching students engage in action research while student teaching in K-12 schools. Through a series of critical lessons, MA in Teaching students focus on the interactive context between individuals and society, and attempt to help K-12 students understand, critique, and challenge how individuals, institutions, and social practices are inscribed in power differently. Thus, the process of student teaching is combined with meaningful research and critical praxis. Students present their research findings during a public presentation at the end of their apprentice teaching.

Each year, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago celebrates the culmination and closure of students' studies at the master's level. In studio areas, the celebration takes place in the form of the thesis exhibitions, while the academic areas complement this with the thesis abstracts publication. This thesis abstract collection gathers and showcases thesis research undertaken in six programs: Master of Arts in Arts Administration and Policy; Master of Arts in Art Education; Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History; Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling; Master of Arts in Teaching; and Master of Science in Historic Preservation.

2013 Thesis Abstracts

Holly P. Marder
Stereotypes and labeling portrayed in society : critical exploration in the classroom through the use of mixed media

Casey Murtaugh
Drawing through movement : taking time to observe the artmaking process

Richard Schreiber
Performing ourselves : identity development via the fabrication of masked, LUCHADOR identities

Pablo Serrano
The need to reconceptualize the art class as a site for critical pedagogy for community building and collective struggle

Bora Shin
Design thinking : objects as spaces for thoughts and learning

Kimmy Tolbert
Negotiating spaces : place based mapping as catalyst for meaningful engagement

2012 Thesis Abstracts

Lindsay Abramo
"I felt exposed, but yet, more open" : working with the personal through photography and visual journaling

Kent M. Dyer
Exploring self-portraits with teens

Sarah Ann Lesser
Food for thought : interdisciplinarity and critical thinking in secondary arts education

Rayshawn Nowlin
Telling stories of personal experience through symbolic cartography

Devan Joan Picard
The culture of cool : responding to media through tee shirt production

Jessica Rosenbaum
Out of the classroom and into the spectacle : exploration, disruption, and transformation of school spaces through interventionist art practices

Alana J. Wynes
Exploring the meaning of home through text and clay : the dynamics that shape adolescents' internal and external interpretations

2011 Thesis Abstracts

George Hansa
Stories of experience and narrative methods in art education

2010 Thesis Abstracts

Amanda M. Adlesick
Exploring arts based methods of research in an urban critical study of place

Meaghan E. Burritt
Local place, site-specific methods, and the personal narrative : an intersection of critical possibilities

Luthando Mazibuko
Sayin' it LOUD! Understanding Youth and Expression Through the Art of Spoken Word Poetry

Kathryn G. Moncton
Inner worlds / outer worlds : using art to explore students' emotional responses to environmental education

Molly C. Nolan
A reciprocal study on the effects of stereotyping and a student teacher's transformation

Caitlin Ostrow
Disability studies and critical pedagogy : intersections in art education

Mary T. Serbe
Taking risks and learning to teach art : reflections on student teaching, critical pedagogy, and learning with students

2008 Thesis Abstract

Jaime Lynn Berngard
Asking students to discover gender and gender stereotypes in visual culture through the creation of art

Susannah Kite Strang
DIY book craft in the urban high school art classroom : accessing efficacy, competence, and ingenuity through familiar forms

2007 Thesis Abstracts

Carrie E. Davis
Music is life : the exploration of identity formation surrounding popular music through critical media literacy in art education

Krista M. Dy
Guerrilla public arts in the classroom : context, content, and empowerment through artistic experiences in public spaces

Miah K. Lager
Deconstructing and reclaiming representation : an examination of the creation of ethnic depiction

Jennifer R. Marx
Real-world monsters : exploring real-world issues through art with elementary students

Irina Zadov
Saying goodbye to Cabrini Green : self-representation through community mapping

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