Specialization in Design History
within the Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History (MAAH)

Graduate students in the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism's graduate degree programs may elect to follow a specialized pathway in Design History. Coursework in this specialization focuses on the production of knowledges, discourses, practices, and domains of objects that have been understood to fall under the broad category of design. As with the MAAH degree as a whole, seminars and research topics focus on the modern and contemporary periods.

Students following the Design History pathway will study the theories and practices of design and examine the conception, production, interpretation, and consumption of design.

MAAH students electing to follow the Design History pathway are expected to take ARTHI 5011 as their methods seminar, followed by at least four seminars in the Design History curriculum. Thesis topics should address the history and theory of design or architecture.

Recent graduate seminars and courses in Design History include:

Curricular Requirements for the Design History Pathway36 credit hours total
ARTHI 5011: History of Art and Design History 3 credit hours
4 graduate seminars (5000-level) in Design History 12 credit hours
3 additional seminars in Art History 9 credit hours
2 interdisciplinary electives (4000-6000 level) or additional Art/Design History seminars 6 credit hours
ARTHI 5999 and ARTHI 6999 Thesis sequence in second year 6 credit hours
Completion of thesis  

Core Design History Faculty

Bess Williamson, Design History Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Dept. of Art History, Theory, and Criticism

Shiben Banerji, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Art History, Theory, and Criticism

Michael Golec, Associate Professor, Dept. of Art History, Theory, and Criticism