Directed by internationally renowned artist, Gregg Bordowitz, the Low-Residency MFA program is taught by a core of SAIC faculty along with a rotating roster of visiting artists, writers, critics, curators, and historians. During the summer residency, visiting artists will each spend weekends presenting their work, participating in the Graduate Studio Seminar, and visiting with you and your peers in your studios. These practicing mentors and peers will serve as models for navigating the current art world and engage you in a collective learning experience—exchanging ideas and thinking in an environment committed to mutual support and constructive criticism. Situated within an acclaimed school of fine art and design, the Low-Res MFA provides you the opportunity to work with SAIC's renowned core faculty as they enhance your work through interdisciplinary research and practice. You are encouraged to develop a plan of study and work with faculty, visiting artists, and alumni advisors across disciplines as you continue to expand and deepen your practice.

Core Faculty, Summer 2016

Graduate Studio Seminar
Lee Blalock Profile
Stephanie Brooks Profile
Dana DeGiulio Profile
Andrew Falkowski Profile
Claudia Hart Profile
Kelly Kaczynski Profile
Terri Kapsalis Profile
Riva Lehrer Profile  
John Neff Profile
Hamza Walker Profile
Andrew Yang Profile
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung Profile
Art History
Giovanni Aloi (Year 1) Profile
David Getsy (Year 2) Profile
Delinda Collier (Year 2) Profile
D. Denenge Akpem (Year 3) Profile
Professional Practices
Molly Zuckerman-Hartung (Year 2) Profile
Hamza Walker (Year 3) Profile
Gregg Bordowitz (Thesis Presentation, Year 3) Profile

Online Faculty

Lee Blalock Profile
Gregg Bordowitz Profile
Tyler Coburn Profile
Corrine Fitzpatrick Profile
Steffani Jemison Profile
Nathanaël Profile
Andrea Ray Profile
Pamela Sneed Profile

Program Mentors

Madeleine Bailey Profile
Shawnee Barton Merriman Profile
Elizabeth Brown Profile
Dorota Chudzicka Profile
Moyra Davey Profile
Liz Ensz Profile
Pamela Fraser Profile
Valerie Fuchs Profile  
Sunny Givens Profile
Cristina Goberna    
Gordon Hall Profile
Katherine Hubbard Profile
Kelly Kristin Jones Profile
Kim Vose Jones Profile  
Ross Jordan Profile
Chelsea Knight Profile
Lily Kuonen Profile
Kelly Lloyd Profile
Colin Matthes Profile
Liene Muller Profile
Aliza Nisenbaum Profile
Nicholas Ostoff Profile  
Cynthia Pelayo Profile
Marissa Perel Profile
Kellie Romany Profile
Carrie Schneider Profile
Rachel Slotnick Profile
Sarah Sohn Profile
Nicole Seisler Profile
Frank Trankina Profile
Julia Zay Profile