About the GAP

The Graduate Advisory Panel (GAP) is a group of nominated second-year graduate students that engage as a collective body in information sharing, problem solving, and idea generation at the Divisional level.

The GAP acts as a sounding board, focus group, and steering committee for the Division. As the graduate community continues to consider increasingly complex issues around curriculum innovation, professional development, diversity, community, and cross-departmental communication (to name but a few), it is crucial that students' opinions and solutions are continuously present within administrative conversations.

GAP members will:

Graduate students should consider GAP members their voice in conversations with the administration. Reach out to your GAP representatives if you have thoughts, concerns, or questions about the graduate student experience at SAIC.

Graduate Coordinators and Program Heads in each department nominate GAP panelists in the spring.

GAP Roster

First Name Last Name Department
Alberto Ortega  AIADO
Latrelle Maira Rostant FMS
Tizzie Maria Baldenebro AIADO
Urooj Shakeel MAAAP
Leandro Martinez MAVCS
Neha Bhat MAT
Unyimeabasi Nkereuwem Udoh VISCOM
Sara Salass Ceramics
Xavier Robles Armas Photography
Lindsey Bell MAAAP+AH
Rebecca Tanda Printmedia
Carrie Wright AIADO
Nina Dorries MAT
Sharanaya Sharma Writing


September 2017 GAP Minutes