September 24, 2015

New Faculty Profile: Jacob Tonski

For Jacob Tonski, technology’s advancements provide artists with the means to “craft powerful experiences.” Coming from a background in computer science, he went on to complete an MFA at UCLA in Design and Media Arts in 2008. His creative practice centers on balance, and the use of technology to explore issues relating to the human condition. Working with a diverse range of media from computer graphics programming to video, Tonksi has exhibited extensively, both in the United States and abroad.

Tonksi will be teaching Activated Objects and Fabricating for Motion, which he describes as a “course in kinetics (with some simple robotic know-how thrown in).” He looks forward to working with students this year, with whom he hopes to impart some of his experiences working in the field: “I devote time in my classes to helping students develop professional skills and perspectives that will serve them both inside the studio and beyond.”

To learn more about Jacob Tonski’s practice, see his website: