October 12, 2016

New Faculty Profile: Eva Marxen

Dr. Eva Marxen is a new faculty member of SAIC’s Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling program moved here from Barcelona, where is from. The art therapist-educator worked in several different countries across cultures, including her research in Philippines and teaching in France, Italy and Mexico to name a few.

Dr. Marxen found her interest in art therapy when she was working as an assistant publisher at a publishing house in Barcelona after her undergraduate studies. As a translator, one of her tasks was to review materials and books that the company was considering translating Spanish from English and German. As it happened, several of these books were about art therapy. “I found it fascinating. Art therapy was very new in Barcelona (at the time),” said Dr. Marxen in the interview.

Dr. Marxen was attracted to continue her career at SAIC because of her experience teaching at the art school La Massana (UAB) and her interest in the relationship between art and social action. She believes that SAIC not only provides an environment more suited for “critical works on subjects like psychopathology and social-control in favor of social change,” it is also an inspiring art community and space, in close proximity with artists, to delving into the work of art therapy than in medical school or school of education.

Dr. Marxen looks forward to possible collaborative projects at the school in the future. She is currently teaching Psychopatholgy and a Graduate Thesis class this fall semester. In the spring semester, she will be be instructing part two of the thesis class.