October 12, 2016

New Faculty Profile: Dushko Petrovich

Dushko Petrovich, a new full-time faculty member of SAIC’s New Arts Journalism program, wears many hats: artist, writer, editor, publisher and educator. “But I also sometimes just say I’m a person,” said Petrovich with a smile during his interview with Grad Journal

Before moving to Chicago, Petrovich was teaching at Yale University, Boston University, New York University and Rhode Island School of Design. His life as an “adjunct-commuter,” traveling among schools located in four different cities in four different states, inspired him to publish Adjunct Commuter Weekly. As the title suggests, the publication is dedicated to the fellow adjunct-commuters on the road and was featured on The Wall Street Journal’s article “An Art Professor With a Minor in Whimsical Magazines” last year.

Petrovich is also known for co-founding the nonprofit art press Paper Monument, wearing plaid shirts almost every day and painting the pattern in the series of paintings, Plaids. In September, he joined 2016 New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1 to present Paper Monument’s new book, Social Medium: Artists Writing, 2000-2015. Petrovich is already delving into Chicago art scenes since his recent move to the city. Last month he wrote a review for this year’s EXPO CHICAGO on Art News and is currently working on a follow-up article.

At SAIC, Petrovich is currently mentoring and instructing the graduating class of Masters in New Arts Journalism during the department’s thesis seminar course. In the coming Spring semester, Petrovich will be teaching a new course called “Publishing as Creative Practice,” which will be open to students outside of New Arts Journalism program, both graduate and undergraduate.