2015, 92" x 57" x 192", glass, adhesive, wood, paint
2015, 92" x 57" x 192", glass, adhesive, wood, paint
September 24, 2015

New Faculty Profile: Beth Lipman

Beth Lipman’s work is perhaps best identified by her momentous assemblages of glass sculpture, which evoke visual cues from historical eras. The delicate, and often imperfect acts of making are encompassed in her final compositions. In her past works she has explored the symbolism of the still life and its relevance in the present.

Lipman’s current research interests are informed by her recent Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, where she worked in the Department of Paleobiology and Department of Biology at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. Up until now, Lipman says, her work has focused on relatively recent history. However, her work at the Smithsonian has developed her research to include the prehistoric to help “illuminate the current age.”

In the Fall Lipman will be teaching Hot Projects at Ignite Studios on Mondays. For a closer look at Beth Lipman’s work, see her website at www.bethlipman.com.