September 1, 2015

Letter from the Grad Journal Editor

There is something hopeful about fall. As we look back on the summer reading list we didn’t get through, or the places we wished we’d visited, the new semester is an opportunity to commit to new ideas.

If you are new to SAIC, welcome! You are now a part of an exciting and very, very busy institution. As you might gather from the impending orientation, in any given week there are a plethora of lectures, seminars and events to look forward to. Speaking from experience, you won’t get to see them all. It’s simply not possible! But it is the ever-moving, ever-buzzing energy at the school that keeps its students engaged.

For returning grads, it is time for us all to knuckle down. With one year left, there seems like far too much to do. If you’re like me, a year seems hardly sufficient. In the time left, I might not ever do or learn everything I hope to. However, the school is here to support you. With career, academic and thesis advising, take the time to manage and plan the rest of your studies, and perhaps, life after grad school.

Contrary to popular belief, SAIC is not all there is during your studies here in Chicago. Graduate students are constantly collaborating, forming collectives and hosting events outside of the school. This year we hope to highlight more of these events, so that you might stay abreast of what your fellow grads are up to. If you are hosting an event and would like us to know about it, please do! Email the Graduate Journal at


Good luck!

Amie Soudien (MANAJ 2016)