October 12, 2016

Letter from the Editor

Hello SAIC grads,

My name is Joanne Yj Kim and I will be your Grad Journal Editor for this academic year. I am looking forward to listening and telling stories on what’s happening in the grad community over the next two semesters. For this issue of Grad Journal, we have new faculty profiles on faculty in the Master of Arts in New Arts Journalism and in the Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling programs, “Updates from the Grad Division” by Lynn Tomaszewski and a list of best cheap-eats around campus ready for you to dig in.

I hope this school year’s been a fine ride so far to all — first-year and returning students. The month of September rushed by before we know it and it’s getting crisp outside. So far we’ve all written a paper or two and/or set down for an in-class crit and more. Things are about to keep on moving in October.

Grad Journal is on the look-out to share your working-progresses, new opportunities for collaboration projects and fun events to attend. Please feel free to email gradjournal@saic.edu to introduce yourself or if you have anything you’d like to share on the journal. I’d be thrilled to sit down for a chat with you—creative, hard working, artistic MA and/or MFA individuals at SAIC. I hope you find the journal to be a helpful resource, a bookmark you’ll click on monthly to see what’s going on in the community. Enjoy!


Joanne Yj Kim (MANAJ 2017)