Amie Soudien
Amie Soudien
October 26, 2015

Letter from the Editor

Hello grads!


There is a near-consensus that the last few weeks on campus have been hectic. Mid-term has come and gone, and it is almost time for pre-registration for the spring semester. Unfortunately the intensity is not going to let up anytime soon, but the journal does have some resources to help you manage your responsibilities.


I recently interviewed Nancy Easton, training director and clinical psychologist at the Counseling Service, to hear more about how graduate students can cope with anxiety, and the importance of self-care. The Counseling Service responds to a wide range of issues regarding stress and mental health, and offers up to 16 free sessions. I hope the information conveyed in this interview will encourage grads to engage in relaxing activity, and to seek help if they need it.


In preparation for pre-registration, you can consult the Graduate Division website to find out more about Graduate Project Advisors. Their profiles are hosted here:  


In the coming month, the Grad Journal has several exciting stories to look forward to. As many of you already know, the school is participating in the Chicago Architecture Biennial through the School Kiosk Competition. We are currently gathering information from students who took part in the Kiosk class, convened by Shapiro Center director Prof Douglas Pancoast, and contributed research towards the final design with critically acclaimed architect Kunle Adeyemi. Several graduate students were selected for The Shapiro Center’s Eager Grants, and the journal will be highlighting a few of those projects, too.


As always, if you have any ideas or contributions for the Grad Journal, please do not hesitate to contact us:


All the best,

Amie Soudien