October 12, 2016

Best Cheap-eats around SAIC Campus

Grad school is no joke. As the semester goes on, the more rigorous the school work gets, the pressure rises and deadlines keep coming one after another. No time for lunch? Tight on money? Here are six satisfying cheap-eats ($10 or less for a meal), grab-n-go places around campus to check out.

Al’s It’s one of Chicago’s staple: Italian beef sandwich. You just have to try and see. The simple and filling roast beef hot-sub comes with hot and/or sweet peppers with an option to dip the hoagie in au jus. (234 S Wabash Ave.)

Cafecito Chicago Tribune calls its chivito sandwich “perfect for the hungry, the hung over, or those in need of a nap,” the downtown cuban sandwich shop has 20 different options for sandwiches include cubano, proveletta and pollo arugula. You can also get Cuban coffee. (7 N Wells St.) 

Naf Naf Grill Right next door to the Sullivan Building is this scrumptious take-out restaurant. The Middle Eastern Subway-like gem can only be found in Chicagoland. The freshly baked pitas go well with their entire menu, including chicken/gyro shwarma, rice/salad bowls, falafels and hummus. (28 S Wabash Ave.)

Shake Shack Craving a reasonably priced, quality burger to-go? Shake Shack, located on the first floor of Chicago Athletic Club, known as one of the best burger-joints from the East Coast, bustles with crowds—locals and tourists alike. If you are from the West Coast, go try and compare with your hometown's In-N-Out Burgers. And don't forget, like what their name stands for: the shakes are delightful. (12 S Michigan Ave.)

The Halal Guys A well-known food-truck from New York City that has come to Chicago as a franchised storefront restaurant, recently opened it's second location in the Loop. The signature dish, the platter, comes with rice, lettuce, tomato, and the choice between chicken or gyro. To top it off, the white sauce. A take-out coffee shop, Bean and Leaf, is also located within the store to take care of your daily need for caffeine. (172 N Wabash Ave.)

Tokyo Lunch Boxes If you are running out of time but want to get your Asian-cuisine, Tokyo Lunch Boxes is the place to go. A bowl of ramen and udon are prepared within a few minutes after you order. Or you can pick-up the ready-made sushi rolls to go. Bring your SAIC ID for a 10% student discount. (60 E Jackson Blvd.)  


If you have any other cheap-eat places you’d like to recommend to your friends, please send an email to gradjournal@saic.edu.