February 16, 2017

A note from the Dean of Graduate Studies

Dear students,

Welcome back! I am guessing that you are geared up for an exciting semester. I am certainly looking forward to seeing how our powerfully political times reignite your imaginations, your theories, and representations of a just society. The mandate we face, in the context of the independent generation of a vast digital archive, a prolific online social-media commentary, and a rich analogue protest culture involving political graffiti, fashion, and dance, among other things, is a new articulation of images, actions, and texts that define what freedom and justice mean. As always the question we ask is: “What do we do now?” 

As we start this semester, I want you to keep that question near to you. Challenge yourselves with this question; research those things you need to know to both ask and answer that question; risk answering that question differently than before; listen to your own previous answers. Most of all, put yourself in dialogue with the others who are in your classes, in the halls, in the lectures, in the library, in the museum, and in the gallery. Know that your questions for yourself become sharper and more generous when you’ve helped others ask it of themselves.

While we have more questions than answers, it is important to communicate and to continue to put ourselves in society. One way to do this is to take advantage of the privileges afforded to you as a student at SAIC. Of course this means attending classes and lectures, and working in your studios. 

Thank you for reading, and best wishes for a successful semester!


Arnold Kemp