October 12, 2016
Upcoming Events, Grant Deadlines and Sick Distinguished Professor Info

Associate Dean Lynn Tomaszewski shares important news to the graduate community

October 12, 2016
Letter from the Editor

Meet your new editor for Grad Journal, Joanne Yj Kim

June 21, 2016
Life After Restoration: Bethany Widick's study of the Chicago Athletic Association

The last installment in our thesis profile series features Bethany Widick, a Historic Preservation grad who researched the Chicago Athletic Association

June 14, 2016
The Art of Self-Confidence

Luisa Ospina discussed her thesis work in which she aimed to cultivate self-esteem in adolescents through art making

June 7, 2016
Corner, Lynn Basa's Community Art Experience

Grad Journal contributor Erin Schalk spoke to Low-Res MFA graduate Lynn Basa about her thesis, and her gallery Corner, for our thesis profile series

June 7, 2016
Kevin B. Lee: The Spectacle of the Screen

In this graduate thesis profile, established film essayist Kevin B. Lee spoke to us about his critical engagement with contemporary China

June 7, 2016
Inclusivity Required: Latinx Identity in the Classroom

Grad Journal contributor Erin Schalk spoke to recent graduate Lissette Martinez about working with Latinx teens and zine culture

May 13, 2016
Questioning diversity in the arts: Raquel Iglesias and Ryan Blocker

We spoke to MA in Arts Administration and Policy students Raquel Iglesias and Ryan Blocker in the first installment of our Thesis Profile Series

April 15, 2016
A lesson in creative entrepreneurship: Venture Studio

Using Kickstarter, students can realize their projects in the marketplace

April 15, 2016
Participate in the Career and Co-op Center's Outcomes Survey

Complete the survey for a chance to win an iPad Air!

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