David Dunlap


Thursday, September 27, 5:15 p.m.
MacLean Center, 112 S. Michigan Ave., room 1307

David Dunlap is an artist who lives in Iowa City, Iowa, and teaches at the University of Iowa. He has kept a small notebook in his hip pocket since 1973. After this notebook was discontinued he had 1,000 of them fabricated. When they arrived, he realized he was looking at the rest of his life. Therefore he built a coffin to hold the yet-to-be-used notebooks. Later he built three dressers for his children. The top drawer of each of these dressers fit into the now-emptied-of-notebooks coffin shelves. He has a lifelong interest in the combination of word and image. His work takes the form of an installation filled to the brim. These installations have been presented at the Cue Foundation, White Walls, Franklin Furnace in NYC, Mills College, Oakland, CA. Recently he has taken a keen interest in walnut farming.