Graduate Lecture Series: Minami Kobayashi


Monday, October 23, 12:15 p.m.
Columbus Building, 280 S. Columbus Dr., room 319

Minami Kobayashi (b.1989) is a Japanese artist currently living and working in Chicago, IL. She is second-year MFA candidate in Painting and Drawing in SAIC. Minami's paintings are primarily concerned with quiet and dubious moments of human or animal interaction. Often depicting small personal spaces such as private room captivated by glowing screens, the silent interiors, and gently intimate relationships, Minami develops narrative in her work through painted layers of watercolour, egg tempera, and most recently ceramics. To look at her work is to be alone with an intimate, whilst in the company of an enigma. She graduated with BFA in Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016.