The Photography department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) will help you develop solid mastery over the technical and conceptual complexity that characterizes photography's past and present while enhancing your ability to discuss your work and the work of others.

Concentrating your Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) studies in the Department of Photography gives you the chance to:

  • Learn from distinguished, practicing artists with a variety of approaches to photography
  • Collaborate with graduate students and peers to create an annual departmental catalog
  • Participate in a six-credit, team-taught Senior Seminar focused on degree preparation and professional development. Portfolio review is required for admission to this seminar, which is the capstone class for BFA students concentrating in Photography

Undergraduate classes offer a natural progression for all students:

  • Beginning classes present basic practical skills and strategies for conceptual thinking.
  • Intermediate classes are in-depth studies of specific conceptual issues or techniques.
  • Advanced classes present opportunities for more self-directed projects, group seminars, and frequent private consultations with instructors.

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