Equipment and facilities:

Access to an 80' x 40' x 14' multiuse space with projection booth containing programmable 54-instrument lighting system, six-channel audio reproduction system with microphones DAT, Yamaha effects, and multitrack recording and computer editing, and video projectors with multiple-source video switcher.

Graduate studio equipped with lighting system, video deck, and stereo audio system HD video projector, CD recorders, and custom-designed software for sound/video performance. The graduate studio space is shared with all the performance grads and is divided into two spaces. One for designated performance projects and the other for working on installations. Students can also rent out from the media center performance dedicated equipment including 7D and HD Camera’s, portable projectors and Projector Screens.

Resources (off campus and on campus):

Chicago is renowned for its experimental, nontraditional artist-initiated spaces and its many performance artists and groups. Spaces like Links Hall, Chicago Cultural Center, Hyde Park Arts Center, Threewalls, 6018North, Gallery 400, and the Museum of Contemporary Art showcase international performance artists. Many graduate students work collaboratively or collectively, or perform individually in the various galleries and spaces in Chicago’s performance community while completing their Master of Fine Arts. Recent collaborations for graduate and undergraduate students and alumni have included Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery, Links Hall, Hyde Park Art Center, Threewalls, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, and the IN>TIME Performance Series at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Within the school, students have access to:

In addition, the city of Chicago is home to: