Robin Deacon: If Not from the Heart, from Where?


Wednesday, September 11, 4:30 p.m.
MacLean Center, 112 S. Michigan Ave., room 1307

Presented as part of his Final Review toward Tenure in the Department of Performance.

Exploring the intersection between fiction and performance art in his work, Robin Deacon will interrogate the notion of realness or authenticity in terms of describing autobiographical experience and displaying the documented act. Investigating the idea of what it might mean to be 'fake' in performance, this presentation will utilize a series of unreliable narratives as a means of reconfiguring and reimagining eighteen years of professional practice.

Robin Deacon (born 1973 Eastbourne, England) is an artist, writer, film-maker and educator currently based in the USA. Working since the early 1990's, his performances and videos have been presented at conferences and festivals in the UK and internationally in Europe and the USA. His interdisciplinary practice has spanned a variety of disciplines and themes, including explorations of performer presence and absence, the role of the artist as biographer, and the possibility for journalistic and documentary approaches to arts practice. Most recently his practice has produced a series of works that aim to interrogate the mapping and ethics of performance re-enactment.